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    1. Hi Susan, sorry about the very late reply.
      Work has started on BAN2, though only on the field to the East of Southam Road (towards the motorway) after the initial planning submission the council agreed to limit the number of houses to the West (up towards the crematorium) to 90 houses. The owner – Pandora (chinese investor) applied for an increase in this number, which was turned down. They tried again for a smaller increase than previous. This again was rejected.
      I have now read they are applying or have applied to convert some of the offices along Noral Way to houses!!!
      This really is building for profit. The development to the East will still have to include a primary school. The development to the West will (at the moment) include some sort of community centre and 2 retail units.
      This coupled with the building of the massive warehouses on Noral Way is just taking the p…mick. There is also talk of introducing a park and ride area, utilising the canal to ferry people in to town.

      All in all the demise of Banbury…all thanks to CDC and their very incompetent planning department.



      1. Hi Malc, can you tell me if the fields beyond the sports ground, when viewed from the road, are likely to be gobbled up for building ? I am just trying to cling onto the hope that there might be a little bit of original countryside left to give us breathing space. I am devastated to read the rough land going up the hill behind the sports ground will be built over, I walk that a lot and there are ground nesting birds ( at one time before all this was built there were more skylarks than you could count, now mostly gone) including what is left of the larks, and many small creatures all needing this rough type of land, its a great bonus for dog walkers too, and the blackberries are lovely although a minor point really. I keep hearing about the beauty of the rolling Oxfordshire countryside being talked about to promote tourism in the town and the surrounding villages, but they are allowing that same countryside to be destroyed. Who exactly are we building all these thousands of houses for anyway, not local people, no one can reproduce at that rate! Sue.

  1. Look at that beautiful countryside, it seems a positively criminal act to destroy it for houses we do not want or need. We can never build more land, and it’s the land that feeds us all 🙁

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