Amber Development Plans

Here are the plans that have been submitted from Framptons of Banbury for the Amber Development. For those that remember their exhibition in the community centre apparently only 12 people gave feedback. I think they’ve made this up. I have included this as well. It’s a joke really.

The housing plan – Amber _160houses_ plan_07425909
Footpaths and Connections – amber_footpaths_connections_07425918
The feedback from the exhibition – amber_framptons_feedback_07425269
Trees and green space – Amber_green_plan_07425910

7 thoughts on “Amber Development Plans

  1. I know. That development is about 1,000 houses. Hanwell Fields will be getting a total of 1,400. If you click on the development sites on the menu and take a look it’s quite scary. BAN2 is at the bottom of the hill and BAN5 is at the top. It look’s like we’re also getting the Miller homes development next to drayton golf course on the Warwick Road.

    1. Hi Malc

      Is there any mention in any of the planning applications that there will be flood defence measures put in place to protect the lower part and other vulnerable parts of the Estate. Considering current weather conditions, it has made me wonder what will happen to all the rainwater currently soaked up by the land up at the top. I had heard that some developers were forced to add flood defences into their plans but it became too costly and the developers were forced to withdraw.

  2. Hi. I am considering what to write in an email to the planning dept objecting to the 160 home Amber Development application. What are the best sort of comments to make to put the best argument forward to stop this development?


    1. Hi Chris

      The best thing to do is just tell them why you don’t want it. Is it the traffic increase, the lack of education fulfilment, the noise, the increase in population Whatever you think. There is no right or wrong way. The more people we can get to object the better, we currently have about 115 members from the estate, which is about 15%. The biggest problem we have is most people think they won’t be affected. This estate is about increase by about 150% and still residents fail to realise the facts. By all means tell the council what you think but also try and get more people to join and realise what’s happening.


      Malc – HFDAG

    2. Thanks for replying Malc. I can’t believe they feel the need to build even more houses after the massive development currently happening off the Oxford road in Bodicote!

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