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Latest plans for land on BAN5

2015-11-07 22:34:15 admin

dongerland_full dongerland_full_plan

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Latest plans for BAN5 - Dongers Land

2015-07-25 10:38:07 admin

Davidsons Developments have submitted plans for the land opposite Winter Gardens Way right through to Warwick Road. All that can be said is ‘what a load of crap’

Click to enlarge

If you enlarge the image and take a close look you will see that a number of the houses have the main entrance open on to a new path that will run right on the edge of Dukes Meadow Drive.  As residents of Hanwell Fields we all know the issues regarding parking. These plans will only encourage people to park on DMD out the front of their house.

The design and layout of the plans is not in keeping with current design and layout of Hanwell Fields. Nowhere along DMD do houses have main entrances open straight on to the edge of the main road. There is at least a 4m verge. These plans are dangerous and inconsiderate .
If you wish to object to them then please email planning@cherwell-dc.gov.uk

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Persimmon Phase One

2015-04-07 18:07:10 admin

This is a test
The Persimmon development on BAN5 is about to start with phase One of 118 houses.

persimmon phase one BAN5



Persimmon Phase One House Styles (5mb)

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Additional 140 houses have been rejected

2015-03-18 13:52:23 admin

BAN2 additional 140 houses on the west of Southam Road have been rejected which is excellent news. Let’s hope they drop this development altogether. The other side of Southam road has started with 510 houses

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Taking out hedge on Warwick road

2015-02-24 16:06:01 admin

The developers are in today taking out the hedge row on Warwick Road to gain access to start building


As things happen I’ll continue to post on the site

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Hanwell Fields Development Action Group.

This website has been set up to inform, communicate and ultimately fight the proposed plans of the expansion of Hanwell Fields, Banbury, Oxfordshire.

Presently Cherwell District Council (CDC) have not involved the local community in the proposed sites of redevelopment or expansion of Hanwell Fields, Banbury, the surrounding villages or other areas of Cherwell.

This Action Group is opposed to any plans for further housing on the North of Hanwell Fields and to the East on the Southam Road (Hardwick farm). The Proposed areas are Green Field Sites and should only be used as a last resort. Furthermore under rules brought about by the coalition government the Localism Act was born. Presently CDC seem to have ignored most of this Act and as such are pushing through local plans without listening to the local community of Hanwell Fields.

This is not a one person fight, this is a joint venture with the community and hopefully with your support, input and influence we will succeed to get the result we want.
We need assistance to do this and with your interaction on this site whereby you can air you views, concerns and ideas we can build a case, strong enough to make the council take notice.

There are links to various documents that will inform us of CDC’s plan and how the localism act might work in our favour.

At this time the residents committee has no biased towards the development, and as such has no commitment either for or against it. For that reason this website has been set up independently.