Follow up to Saturday’s Meeting with Sir Tony Baldry and the councillors

For those that haven’t read the email…

Afternoon Everyone

Just wanted to say thank you to those that went to yesterday’s meeting, and of course a BIG thanks to Antony, Mel, Moira, Alex and Wayne who all put forward very valid questions to encourage the debate and provide some focus.

We had a good turnout, I estimated about 40 people. More councillors showed up than I hoped, and I think we all did a good job in making our point. As Moira said to them “You may be listening but have you heard ?” and I couldn’t agree more. At the end of the meeting my thoughts are that some of the councillors had taken on board most of our comments. I can’t say all of points or all of the councillors – Cllr Gibbard being the main culprit, he didn’t seem to listen nor did he care except perhaps when I made the point about the northern boundary and proved it to him, by showing the document that it was indeed CDC that originated the idea of Dukes Meadow Drive being this boundary. Until that instance he was under the impression that the developer had made up the northern boundary. From then on he went back to not being interested. The debate got a bit heated at times, which just showed how passionate and determined we are. I also want to thank Mr James Williams, with his booming voice and his point about the postbox, and though a valid point, it still made me chuckle and lighten the tone. (There are actually 2 post boxes – one by the school and one on usher drive).

The most important part of all was we got to make our views, comments and issues be known, they have no reason now to say they don’t know about them.

Will they do anything about it…..short answer. No. Which makes me more resolute, and more determined to fight them even more and I hope that you will continue to join me. Together, and only together we can make a difference, we can stop our neighbourhood being blighted, we can stop the demise of our estate and above all we can make ourselves heard.

As a group we are gaining momentum, our numbers are growing, but we need more. Currently we have 90 members which is only 10% of the estate. The more followers we can get the greater our voice. So please encourage your friends and neighbours to sign up and join HFDAG.

Did anyone else (other than Wayne) notice who was missing from the council line up ? Our most local councillor of them all Mr Turner, now there’s surprise. I think it’s about time we started to tell Mr Turner just how useless he is, in fact let’s remind him when it comes to the next local elections. my view is we get him out.

I have just finished drafting a letter to send in to oppose the plans as part of the public consultation for the 10th Oct. I have published it on the website for anyone to read, please comment and give feedback, particularly if you think something has been overlooked or needs more detail.

Draft letter for submission to the local plan

We need to decide what our next plan of action should be, and importantly we should put together a response to the agents of Persimmon homes – Pegasus to tell them what we think to their plan for the BAN5 site.

Many thanks



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