Meeting with Tony Baldry and Local Councillors

We have secured a meeting with Sir Tony Baldry MP and our local councillors for Saturday 6th Oct – 3pm at the community centre.

If you wish to ask a question then you must submit it to beforehand.
The deadline for submitting your questions is wednesday evening.
The point of this meeting is to get answers on the day so all questions will be sent to the councillors before the meeting.

We need as much support as we can get please.

1 thought on “Meeting with Tony Baldry and Local Councillors

  1. After your experience the other night Malc, it’s gloves off time I think.
    These people are not in the slightest bit interested in local views as they think they know best and also think they are electorally safe. We need to disabuse them of both views, and if we need to play tough to do that, fine. Their own self interests is ALL that interests them, so that’s where we need to aim.

    For example, we need to know;
    1) What Councillor Turner really thinks about an extra 1000 to 2000 potential customers if Ban 2 and Ban 5 go ahead, particularly Ban 5, whose entrance is likely to be close to his golf drive entrance.
    2. What Councillor Blackwell and other councilors did to the written request for help with councilors and local residents that was sent to him by the land owner in 2008 (Donger)?

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