HFDAG News – 24th Nov 2012

Another developer is planning houses on Hanwell Fields!!!
Amber Developments have submitted a screening opinion to CDC for 160 new houses. What is not too clear at the moment is exactly where, though it is proposed to be north of Hanwell Fields. Again I’m not sure if this is in addition to the 400 houses from persimmon or instead of the 400. They are planning to hold a presentation at the community centre in the beginning of January. The planning consultants are Frampton’s in Banbury; they have stated they would like permission for the screening opinion before Christmas. According to Mr Bateman of Frampton’s “the proposed development site fell within the approved area of the Cherwell Local Plan which outlines preferred areas for development over the next 20 years”. I think Frampton’s need to realise that the local plan has not been approved and these site are just provisional.
UPDATE: Amber Developments is owned by none other than Mr Donger – the Landowner. I can only presume until we see the plans in the New Year, the 160 new houses would be in addition to the 400 by Persimmon, as Donger owns the land next to the planned Persimmon development

Don’t forget – Those that want to be part of the committee should attend the meeting on Monday Evening 7.00pm at the community centre.

We may have representative from Bloxham Parish Council attend so that we can share some information about how we can all fight against the council.

Other news – The council are fighting a development at Saltway using the argument that it defines the southern boundary to Banbury and defines the edge of the town and that the proposed development would breach this strong existing boundary. Errr hello CDC that is our argument against the BAN5 and BAN2 and yet CDC seem to think it’s fine that the northern boundary be breached. Just can’t believe it. It really is a joke.

Land West of Warwick Road – Miller homes are still continuing their campaign for development on this land. Both W of W Rd and Saltway would be our preferred choices for development.

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  1. Amber Developments (Donger) submitted plans in 2007 for developments next to the school (yes, the play park that Donger still refuses to hand over), and over the road from the flats fronting Dukes Meadow Drive. Donger has not made a secret of his plans to develop from the Warwick Road all the way to the cricket pitch, so my guess for this scheme is a developments to link up with Ban 5 on the South Side (he already has an agreement with Persimmon). This is land marked on Persimmons plans.

    Ban 96
    Ban 97

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