Alternative Sites

We have started to compile a list of alternative sites based on the recommendations of Tony Baldry, he said that we should seek these sites to remove focus on the areas to the North of Banbury. We are not particularly happy about doing this as it will only pass the issues to another area. However, that is what we are doing.

BAN5 Distance to
Primary School 1.7km
Comprehensive Sch 1.5km
Local Shop 1.7km
Employment area 2.3km
Supermarket 3.6km (Tesco)
Doctors 2.1km (part-time)
Dentist 1.7km
Hospital 4.9km
SALTWAY Distance to
Primary School 1.3km
Comprehensive Sch 0.7km
Local Shop 2.0km
Employment 1.0km (CDC HQ)
Supermarket 1.17km (Sainsburys)
Doctors 2.8km
Dentist 2.4km
Hospital 2.9km

According to the Draft Local Plan the top 3 employers in Banbury are

  1. The Horton Hospital
  2. Kraft General Foods
  3. Cherwell District Council

2 of these 3 sites are easily within walking distance of Saltway. There are shops and schools closer to this area. Both the North and the South of Banbury have 2 artillery roads connecting the site. North has Southam Road and Warwick Road, Whilst the South has Oxford Road and the Bloxham Road. All are major roadways in to Banbury. According to the local plan a further connecting road is to be built that will connect Bankside to Thorpe Road so this adds to the sustainability of Saltway.
Some would say that Saltway needs to be protected as it’s an ancient walkway. BAN5 has 2.

Our biggest concern is the biased views of the council and why they seem content on destroying the North of Banbury but not the South. Why have none the site been assessed on equal terms. If this were the case then Saltway and West of Warwick Road would both be on the Local Plan. As yet this council can not prove it has approached these site allocations in a fair, honest and open way.

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