Latest News 21 Sept 2012

We have been asked by Tony Ilott if we would like to attend a meeting. All members are welcome to participate. We have told him that we are already arranging a meeting with Tony Baldry. After discussions, it’s been decided that we are going to merge the meetings. However before we just jump in, we’d like to be a little prepared (unlike the council) So we are proposing a HFDAG gathering to which anyone can attend whereby we provide some focus to our concerns prior to the meeting with the councillors…you might call it a focus group 😉 I’d like the meeting with the councillors to be a Q & A, rather than just a full on assault. This would give a greater appearance of community involvement if questions come from the group rather than just myself or Antony. Time is of the essence so we are proposing a meeting, either for Sunday evening 23rd or Thursday evening 27th.
It may be we do both, to give everyone the opportunity to get involved. If you would like to attend then please let me know. We will then be prepared for our meeting with the councillors, Tony Baldry and hopefully representatives from CDC planning. I’d probably invite others as well, from Hanwell Village, the press, etc etc.

Please get involved, this is your chance to have your say.

Banbury Sound called me today for a radio interview, so I pushed our campaign as much as possible.Though not sure when it’s going out on air.

We have published some more of Press Release’s including Wayne’s letter to the councillors. If you wish to write or email our local councillors to air your views to them, then please do so, infact I encourage it. Take a look at I have also put the councillors details on the contacts page of the site –

Thanks again to everyone for your support, but please do get involved. We need the council to know we mean business.

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