Wildlife Update

I have been in touch with various organisations about the wildlife in the fields of the proposed developments areas.
I’ve spoke to the RSPB who regrettably don’t seem to concerned about the area. When I mentioned about the skylarks, I was told that the area is not significant enough to warrant any further investigations. They did say that skylarks are on the ‘red list’ but again not enough of them to worry about !!!

When I mentioned about the Buzzards again the reply was not brilliant. Apparently there are 44,000 nesting pars in the UK now. So although a bird of prey it’s not significant enough to be of interest.

They did apologise for the negative view but basically they’re not that bothered. The only thing we can hope for now is a Golden Eagle or something to nest, or perhaps a tiger.

I have also been in touch with the Thames Valley Environmental Record Centre who provide records for local authorities, parish councils, local people, conservation bodies, land-owners, students and commercial organisations such as ecological consultants and utilities companies

I was told “Some of the species you mention are unlikely to be found here, such as adders and dormice”. So if anyone has photo then please send it in. Thanks to Amanda for the photo of the dead snake, sorry to say it’s been identified as a large grass snake 🙁

To quote TVERC “While most Oxfordshire records come from the Chilterns there is a single adder record from 1982 from North Claydon. A clear photo showing the patterning on the back and around the head would help a great deal“.

A member of the Group, Nick is a Horticulturalist and has mentioned that there are some orchids that would be of interest. In order to get any response from some of these groups we need some real information. Again a quote from TVERC “we need a picture of plant at the site at Banbury with location details, an idea of numbers and the name of the recorder” for it to be taken seriously. I have received a spreadsheet from TVERC to log any finds properly.

Perhaps they think we’re all David Attenborough wannabe’s.

Happy Hunting

Malc – HFDAG

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  1. Hi Malc

    Re the birds in the area, have you tried the Banbury Ornithological Society? I believe they do surveys of the area every year and therefore might have data showing declining populations.

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